HR Legal Services Oy

Founded: 1.9.2011
Ownership: 100 % Henna-Riikka Huhta,
Employees: 6 and 5 contractors, who work in close cooperation with the team.
Tunover 2016: ca. 350.000 euros. In 2017 our goal is to grow moderately and launch new services.


Less is more – more is less.

Main services:

HR & Law analyses, HR & Law consulting, Trainings, Own HR, Occupational Health & HR

New services and projects:

HR ´Farm´, Laki ´Farm´.


SMB – Small and medium sized domestic enterprises from all industries. Especially Training and Coaching also in large companies. We actively work with foreign and international companies as well.

Our main Partners:

Katja Noponen Oy, Novetos Oy, Täsmä Työterveys Oy, Revico Grant Thornton Oy.