Piirretty HR Legal oik

Occupational Health & HR

HR Legal Services Oy and Täsmä Työterveys Oy are offering, for the first time in Finland, a service which combines both occupational health and human resources together. The service offers support in solving occupational health as well as any HR and employment law related issues. The remote access support not only provides fast responses but also serves as a platform for further expert assistance requests in training, HR & Law analyses and in coaching related matters.

The team from HR Legal Services Oy and Täsmä Työterveys Oy enables a cost efficient and effective service for all clients.


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Henna-Riikka Huhta, henna-riikka.huhta(at)hrlegalservices.fi
Esko Ruotsalainen, esko.ruotsalainen(at)tasma.fi.