kuva_04_vThis story about entrepreneurship originates from September 2011 when
HR Legal Services Oy officially started its operations. The main business idea was to offer the clients specialized employment law services with an HR twist. The business idea was based on many years of experience as well as on the understanding, that in order to truly assist any client in employment law related matters, one must not only possess a strong knowledge of the business, but of HR management as well. Organizations’ HR has the best chance on functioning well when the basics, the legal employment issues, are in order.

Focusing on the essentials has become the truth for our business during the past five years. Less is more – more is less, in HR as well as in employment law. One should not unnecessarily complicate things. When you are equipped with a strong professional capability and you possess a broad experience base, it is possible to focus on the essentials. This in turn makes it possible for us to recommend compact solutions for the client.

kuva_04_vOur work must be results oriented. We help our clients and partners to achieve their own business goals. So, what is then HR Legal Services’ role in this goal reaching set up? Our experience, vision, know-how and especially our individual personalities make it all possible for us to find a solution, an operating model and even a job that fits our client. Flexibility, scalability and tailored solutions are the corner stones of our services.

We believe, that doing good continues to be the foundation for our business. Doing good can be understood and experienced in many ways. For us it means genuine and honest interaction with our clients, taking compassionate approach when making choices, sharing one’s own skills and knowledge and carrying out all the work with a ‘big heart’- approach.

kuva_04_vOne often hears slogans such as ‘employees are our most valuable asset’, or ‘Investments in our employee wellbeing have a direct link to our business results’. Our goal is to live and experience those slogans in our everyday life at HR Legal Services. This way we maintain the purpose of our work and enable the best and personal service to our clients.

Next, we will concentrate on developing our HR-services in Finland as well as abroad. Employment law will always be a strong part of our service offering. All our services stem from Simple HR & Law -thinking. Dear clients and partners alike: we will help you to concentrate on the essentials and to build and maintain a functioning basis for a good HR policy. Let’s continue to work and succeed together!